LPC Supervision

Sara Almendariz LPC SupervisionCongrats! So you made it through grad school and passed your NCE exam. Now what? Now you need to find the right person to be your LPC supervisor and get those hours going.

I provide LPC Supervision as part of my practice. I can assist you with moving forward with the next phase of your career: Texas LPC-internship and supervision. Look me up on the board website- Sarah Almendariz Rivera, #67604.

How I Work

Even with things going on in the community, supervision is still up and moving virtually! I am still expanding the LPC intern team and sessions are currently being conducted via Zoom.

All LPC-intern potentials must reach out to me via email with an initial inquiry (use “Contact Sarah” tab below); I guarantee a response within 12 hours. The two of us will then schedule a time to meet virtually to see if we “click.” Let’s face it, a year and a half is a long time to spend with someone you don’t like.

I encourage you to look around- shop around for lack of a better word. You will be paying for this service, so it’s important you are selective and comfortable with your supervisor. You are now in the position of choosing your own supervisor- remember, these meetups are not you interviewing for a position. On the contrary, it’s a joint decision and one of the first major decisions of your professional career, so take your time and choose  someone you think is a good fit.

I keep a maximum of 6 interns at any given time. This is a personal and professional decision to be sure I keep a good balance between supervision and direct client counseling. Once I have an intern complete hours, I bring another on board. I do, however, have availability for a new intern to begin ASAP (as long as we’re a good fit). SHOUTOUT to Jessenia Garcia who is officially a Licensed Professional Counselor of Texas! She spent two years working hard and dedicating her time towards full licensure under my supervision. Job well done and accomplishment well deserved!

Contact Sarah

Getting 3,000 hours under the state can be an overwhelming thought, especially when you find yourself in situations like “I can’t get a job until I have my LPC intern number, but I can’t get my LPC intern number until I have a site.” But as your supervisor, I help in getting you through that conundrum amongst other things. I’m big on ethics and organization, so if that’s not your thing, we probably won’t be a good fit.

Supervision times are flexible and open to group and/or individual sessions. I host bi-monthly meetings for two hours each meeting for a total of 4 hours per month total [in compliance with the Texas Administrative Code]. Supervision is held for a minimum of 18 months, but our time together can last longer depending on hours per week accrued or shorter depending on previous supervision experience.