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Coping with Anxiety #chillout

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By Kimberly Alaniz, LCSW

It’s normal for us to feel anxious from time to time; whether it’s because of an event or we’re meeting someone new. In most cases this anxiety is time limited and we can easily return to everyday life. For others, their anxiety comes as a crippling barrier that keeps them from completing everyday tasks. Connecting with others or even being able to leave their home becomes a huge feat. In fact, millions of adolescents and adults suffer from anxiety disorders.

It’s easy to overlook the symptoms or never openly talk about it. Anxiety can leave us feeling like we have a lack of control and even fear regaining control.  Coping with anxiety requires daily effort and consistent support. Here are a few ways YOU can cope with anxiety and begin to chill out:

  • Write down worries and ask yourself: Is this realistic? Is there something I can do about it?
  • Practice activities like meditation, yoga or mindful breathing.
  • Create a calm space. Organize your living or work space.
  • Don’t have a gym membership? Try a walk around the block!
  • Use services from friends, church officials or a therapist.
  • Visit with a psychiatrist for medication management.

If you are a parent to a child with anxiety, here are a few ways to show support:

  • Encourage them to talk about their anxiety. Your role may be to just listen. Your mouth may not have all the answers but your ears are key!
  • Encourage things like riding a bike, playing basketball or doing yoga. These can help to relieve stress and create healthy habits!
  • Monitor time and use of tech and social media. These can cause or reinforce stress.
  • Make use of services at church, school [counselors] and community [therapists]. They can offer a clearer perspective, share referrals or teach new skills.
  • Visit a pediatrician or psychiatrist for medication management.

INFO TO BE CONTINUED… if you want!!

If you found this information to be helpful, and know of a teen (13-17 years old) who can benefit from extra support with anxiety or stress, contact Kimberly Alaniz ( or Sarah Almendariz ( Sarah Almendariz Counseling will be hosting a teen only group on “Anxiety and Stress Management” beginning in February 2018! See the flyer below.

ways to manage stress and cope with anxiety

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